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You only get one chance to retire, at Machen Wealth Management, we’ve retired 150 times in the last ten years. Our objective is to take the unique pieces of your financial puzzle and put them into place. Through stewardship, not salesmanship, we lead you through the process of achieving a work-optional lifestyle.

Strategic Partners

In certain situations, we take a collaborative approach with other financial professionals. This additional expertise is part of our process to ensure you achieve your wealth and lifestyle goals.

Experts Include: Estate Planning Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Mortgage Broker, Real Estate (Commercial & Residential), General Insurance

Machen Wealth Management
The Bridging FORMula bridges the gap between what matters and what we can control. It acts as a blueprint to reach a work-optional lifestyle as your life unfolds and your needs evolve.
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If you’re feeling apprehensive about your financial future and need someone to act as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, contact us to schedule a FIT meeting. (916) 526-2680