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Helping dentists gain confidence in their financial lives

Dentistry is an extremely rewarding career path. Financial planning for dentists is unique given that many who operate in the field are business owners, creating a responsibility for their own financial future, as well as, the livelihood of their staff, and the success of their practice.

Financial Advisor for Dentists

A dental financial advisor can help you navigate both the personal and business side of things. Whether it be saving for retirement, paying off student loans, college planning, or implementing group benefits, retirement plans for the practice, or key-man and buy-sell insurance for partners, a dentist financial advisor can help.

Regardless of where you hold your assets, we use an innovative technology platform to help our clients keep track of their finances. Our online portal acts as a hub to provide you with insights on your finances, allowing you to focus on your dental practice, worry-free.

Our proprietary process, the Bridging FORMula, can help guide your financial planning. At Machen Wealth Management, we can help you navigate your financial future for both personal and business.

Financial Planning for Dentists at all Career Stages

If you are a new associate dentist, just starting your career, we will work closely with you to help get your financial plan started and work towards reaching your financial goals! Beginning from paying off student loans, you can start keeping your financial plan on track towards your own dental practice. It is never too early or too late to review and evaluate your current financial status.

As an already established dentist with your own practice, you may be looking for assistance in handling your business finances. So that you may focus on what you want to do: dentistry. The goal is to balance your practice’s financial plans between the needs of your staff with the needs of your business. We will help your business drive financial stability and success. Machen Wealth Management can assist you with implementing group benefits, key-man insurance, buy-sell insurance, and much more.

If you are ready to retire, our advisors will help you with your retirement plans for your practice. So that you may retire stress-free, knowing that the business you have helped build and grow, is in good hands.

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Machen Wealth Management can offer many support services for tax, legal, and financial decisions. Such services include: tax preparation, estate planning or financial management services, you can reach out to us through our website, social media or by calling us at (916) 526-2680.

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