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Structured Notes and CDs

Structured products are designed to facilitate highly customized risk-return objectives. This is done by taking a traditional security, such as a conventional investment-grade bond, and replacing the usual payment features (e.g. periodic coupons and final principal) with non-traditional payoffs derived not from the issuer's own cash flow, but from the performance of one or more underlying assets. Rates of return vary and are generally paid at maturity. Structured Products can help you diversify your portfolio and protect it from market volatility.

Structured Products can offer features that are not available through traditional investments, such as risk mitigation, ability to access commodities or currencies and a potential to enhance returns across asset classes. However, one common risk associated with Structured Products is a lack of liquidity due to the highly customized nature of the investment.

It is important to consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the structured product carefully before investing. Machen Wealth can work with you to determine if Structured Products are suitable for you, and then construct a portfolio using these to help you reach your financial goals.

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