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Fee Based Advisory Services

We provide fee-based advisory services for select individuals, institutions, foundations and endowments. Fee-based services have enabled us to have higher levels of client retention, and it gives us flexibility in matching services provided to fees charged. Fee based advisory services are beneficial for clients because they remove conflicts where investments are recommended to clients because of the commissions they pay. With fee-based advice, the fees are transparently based on the assets in the account. When those assets grow, both the adviser and clients benefit.

When clients open a fee-based account with us, they sign a fee-based agreement that establishes the agreed upon fee, how it is calculated, when the fees will be charged and the accounts involved. So everything is transparent right from the start.

As a client, why should you move to a fee-based advisory service?

  • Working on a predetermined fee basis, rather than a commission or transactional fee basis, means the best interests of the client are more aligned with those of the advisor. Since the fees are based on the market value of your account, the only way we will be compensated further is if we can grow your account in value.
  • Fee-based advisory services rely on an ongoing relationship. We meet with our clients regularly to ensure their investment policy is on track towards its goals. This regular communication can help you gain confidence in our investment strategy and understand it better.

At Machen Wealth, we offer fee-based advisory services and we do not charge commissions, sales charges whether front end or back end or switch fees. All of our services have transparent fees and in some cases, it is also tax-deductible. Call us at 916- 526- 2680 to schedule a consultation with Scott Machen.

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